Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Goods Inaugural Celebration

January 20, 2009 was a very special day. It was the day that the United State of America inaugurated its first African American President, Barack Obama. On that day, we all celebrated, regardless of our differences, to take in, just for a moment, the history that you and I were living to tell our children and grandchildren when they ask: "Where were you on that day?"

I did not intend to go to Washington, DC, but I also did not want to celebrate this once in a lifetime event alone just watching tv. As I did with the campaign, I wanted to share it with my friends and even strangers who wanted to be with kindred spirits, too.

Ironically, or coincidentally, this could also describe what I aim to achieve with The Goods: Authentic Living. It will be a series of events that combine my areas of interest: arts, culture, fitness, the environment and the local food economy with those who also seek a deeper understanding, experience and desire to know others like them.

The inauguration provided the perfect opportunity to officially launch "The Goods: Thoughtful Marketing, Authentic Living" and to host the inaugural Authentic Living Series event.

The evening achieved all of my goals: beautifully prepared local food by chefs and artists Regina Mehallick and Greg Hardesty and hosted in Regina's wonderfully authentic neighborhood favorite, R'Bistro; wines selected by next-door-neighbor, Jill Ditmire at Mass Ave Wine Shoppe; personal toasts from Harry McFarland and Lisa Keenan; a colorful keynote speech by historian Dan Miller president of Historical Solutions, who wove the similar plights of Abraham Lincoln and MLK to President Obama; and a sell-out crowd of nearly 60 kindred spirits who enjoyed meeting for the first time or getting to know each other better.

Its about building community, expanding our networks and minds while supporting local businesses and causes.

Don't just take it from me. I've received good reviews, including this one from Pam Velo:

"This is such a magnificent concept and you deserve a medal for conceiving it and implementing it in such a classy, thoroughly enjoyable way. This is something this community will really benefit from. ...This concept captures really interesting new people to meet, and excellent food and wine (necessary components to a great time in my book!). Congratulations for coming up with this and making it happen. It was the perfect end to a perfect day."

Here are some photos from the event. (Special thanks my assistant cameraman, Greg Perry).

Thanks to all who attended, and even those who couldn't be there, who have helped me reach this milestone.

Future Authentic Living Series events are underway.
Tell me what you want you think would make a great Authentic Living Series event.