Sunday, September 7, 2008

Living "The Goods Life"

We all have to work to survive - not the other way around, I hope. But if you didn't have to work, what would you do?

For me, it would involve some combination of enjoying my family and friends over a lovingly prepared meal with that perfect cocktail, wine, or beer. It might also include some type of exercise or outdoor fitness, singing or seeing a live artistic performance or maybe a show in a local gallery. I also love to garden, or at least learn about gardening, so some of my time might be spent there, too.

In such a busy world, I believe most Americans are really striving to live like more Europeans, or at least those who seem to appreciate the simple, beautiful, art of living everyday life. There is time for working hard, but also enough time to take in the beauty of the world around us and to cherish each moment. It's time to live our lives more authentically; more true to who we are and what we dare to become. That's what THE GOODS is all about.

Through my experience helping for-profits and not-for-profits craft strategic communications and marketing initiatives to achieve their goals, I want to promote and advocate for the arts, culture, fitness, the environment, and our local food economy. I want to help people live a more healthy, balanced life. I want to position Indianapolis, my hometown, as a competitive, global city that offers these quality of life values.

Check back. I'll be sharing stories about my clients, friends, and other resources that help all of us live "the goods" life.

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